Open Letter To My Best Friend

“You are my best friend, my human diary, and my other half. You mean the world to me.”



Girl, I hope you’re sitting, because this won’t be short and sweet.

I want to first begin by saying I love you, I really love you. I love you for so many reasons, and so much more than this article can hold. You have impacted my life in such a positive way, and I am so grateful for that. You are by far the most beautiful person inside and out. The amount of empathy you have for other people is unlike anything I have ever seen, nor experienced. One of the many qualities that I admire most about you is your brutally honest opinion, my spicy Italian.

 Looking back at our 13 years of friendship I can’t help but laugh. We spent a great deal of time laughing. Yeah, it was fun to get dressed up and go out, but what I appreciated the most were all the nights that we spent in. The nights where we stayed up all night talking, drinking wine, watching Netflix, Instagram stalking, and gossiping. Those are some of the best nights I ever had. We work in extremes, one second we would be cracking up at an instagram post, and the next we would be in a heart to heart conversation. There is never a dull moment with us.

Considering the fact that we have been best friends for so many years, we know other at our cores. We have mended each others broken hearts, and seen each other at our worst. You have saved my life a thousand and one times. I kept the last year of my life from you, because I knew you would’ve never allowed me to live like that. You were never one that would sugar coat anything. Even when I didn’t want to hear the truth, you were honest, and I can’t thank you enough.

You never gave up on me. I have had some friends come and go throughout my life, but you never left. Thank you. Thank you for being there at my darkest moments. Thank you for being there when I felt like I hit rock bottom. Thank you for letting me fall apart in your arms. Thank you for the laughs. Thank you for thinking of me. Thank you for never allowing me to be too obsessive with my dieting. Thank you for reassuring me of my worth when my insecurities talk. Thank you for the car rides screaming our favorite songs at the top of our lungs. Thank you for the movie nights. Thank you for the coffee dates. Thank you for never leaving. Thank you for bringing faith back into my life. Thank you for showing me a healthy relationship. Thank you for being the absolute best friend I ever had.

Most importantly, thank you for the best 13 years of my life.