Hello everyone!

So, I decided to make a blog. Growing up I would write a bunch. I have countless journals stashed under my bed that hold every piece of my childhood. As I grew older my journal entries went from “xoxo” to the emotions I wasn’t able to handle. I went a few years without using this outlet, and found myself to be completely lost. As of now, I want to take you on a journey through my life and what formed me into the person that I am today. I hope to be the mirror for the hurting women out there.

But First! I’d like to share bit about me:



My name is Victoria. I am a fitness addict, aspiring teacher, health enthusiast, and a self proclaimed writer. I have spent my youth placing my love and happiness in everything other than myself. Now, at the age of 22, I have been in four serious relationships, one of which I was engaged, and left. As strange as it may sound, this marks the first time I have truly been alone. I am conquering the world and on the path of self-discovery. Every single article you will read is the raw footage of my past. I will also include beneficial articles for the future. I hope that I am able to change the lives of the people that take the time and view my articles.



Coming soon:

“How You Deserve To Be Loved”

“Big Heart; Anxious Mind”

“Wife Material”

“To the Girl That Needs To Love Herself Again”